Artist, Researcher, and Educator 


My work explores a combinational approach to drawing, poetry, calligraphy, and painting. Among all visual elements, line as the main element of both drawing and writing plays a crucial role in my artistic practice. Using line, we both draw and write. My whole artistic process is mostly based on the interaction of visual and verbal, image and text, and artist and poet. My inspiration comes from literature, especially poetry, philosophy and the history of art and literature. Calligraphy as (in Dick Higgins words) an “Intermedia” that stands between literature and visual arts (text and image) has a significant role in my creative process. I use it as a vehicle that carries poetry and transfers it to viewers’ eyes. Thus, my aim is not necessarily to follow or break the calligraphic rules but to employ them freely to visualize and draw poetry. Michel Butor (1994) defines Pictuscrit, as “an object, a text in which there is painting, in which the pictorial appears” (p.17). My portfolio is entitled drawingscript because it combines drawings and writing.


History of drawing, text and image, drawing and poetry, global art history, Vienna School and historiography of Alois Riegl.


  • PhD, Humanities, University of  Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy, (2020), Dissertation title: Kunstwollen: A contemporary View - Local, Global, Transcultural
  • MFA, Master of Fine Arts, University of Cincinnati, OH, USA, (2016)



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Exhibition Reviews 

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